Local club locations include: Perry Yacht Club, Kansas Sailing Association at Clinton Lake, Weatherby Lake Yacht Club, Missouri Yacht Club at Lake Lotawana, and Lake Quivira Yacht Club. The Perry Yacht Club and Kansas Sailing Association locations are most used by Kansas Youth Sailing Foundation sailors, and are pins on the map.

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Interested in sailing and want to join our sailing community?? Email us and tell us about your approximate level of skill, what school/grade you are in, etc. 


If you need to personally contact one of the organizors, their contact information is below. But, it is most appreciated if emails are sent to kansasyouthsailing@gmail.com (use the contact form). 

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Ted Lischer - President

email: kansasyouthsailing@gmail.com

cell phone: (816) 803-3920


Tim Kelley - Treasurer

email: kansasyouthsailing@gmail.com

cell phone: (913) 515-5852