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2020 US Sailing Junior Women's Championship coming to the Region

The U.S. Junior Women’s Doublehanded Championship is an open event open that includes two days of clinic and two days of championship racing. No private coaching is allowed, instead US Sailing Level 3 Certified coaches are provided to lead world-class training and coach all competitors to enhance the experience, sailing skills, and competitive sportsmanship of the group. This unique, all girls event provides junior sailors with a chance to build their skills in an all female environment and foster friendships for a lifetime!

  • Type of Event: Open

  • Fleets: Club 420

  • Competitors must have reached their 13th birthday but not their 19th in calendar year, and be eligible to compete per the Notice of Race.

  • The US Sailing Youth National Coach and staff are hired for the entire event to provide equal guidance to all competitors. No private coaching is allowed.

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